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NetAware is powered by an extremely easy to use interface allowing quick access to all of its powerful and unique features. Read on to view NetAware's exciting features.

File Share Activity Logging

NetAware is a powerful file share activity logger that can record all relevant file share activity that occurs. NetAware's activity logs are easily viewed using the built in log-viewers and can be exported to an easy-to-read HTML format for printing and further analysis. All log events are timestamped and indicate the computer/user initiating the event. NetAware can log the following events:

File Share Connections - what shares users connect to
File Share Disconnections - what shares users disconnect from
File Activity - what files users view on your file shares
Blocked Access Attempts - what shares blocked users are trying to view

NetAware in Action - Screenshots:
 NetAware's Interface
 Built in Log Viewers
 Logging Options Configuration

File Share Access Control

NetAware allows you to take control of who accesses your shares by giving you the following abilities:

Block Specific Users and Computers from any Access
Lock Specific Shares from any access
Unlock Specific Shares so they can be accessed
Lock ALL Shares so no access is possible at all
Unlock ALL Shares so access can be restored
Disconnect currently connected share users
Edit shares to allow only a set number of remote users

NetAware in Action - Screenshots:
 NetAware's Interface
 User Blocking Configuration
Share Locking Menu

Share Management and Control

NetAware has a built in share manager that allows you to create new file shares, edit existing file shares, or to even delete file shares you no longer need. NetAware's share manager lets you specify how many users can access your shares at any given time, as well as allowing you to give customized comments and names to shares you create. NetAware allows you to keep track of all shares on your computer in on easily accessed location.

NetAware in Action - Screenshots:
 Share Management Menu  Share Create/Edit Screen

Access Alerts

NetAware can be configured to alert you when users connect to a share, disconnect from a share, or when a blocked user attempts access to a share on your computer. NetAware can display localized popup alerts that will alert you what is going on while you work - or email alerts can also be created so you know what is going on from any remote location.

NetAware in Action - Screenshots:
 NetAware's Interface
 Popup Notification
 Alerts Configurations
 Popup Configurations

User-Friendly, Intuitive Interface

NetAware's easy to use, intuitive interface allows you to get started immediately with no having to 'learn the software'. Here are some key features of NetAware's powerful interface:

Intuitive Navigation and Feel
Easy Access Menu System
Easy to Follow Log Viewing
Intuitive Share and User Management
Point and click Share Access Control

NetAware in Action - Screenshots:
 NetAware's Main Interface
 User Blocking Configuration
 Share Locking Menu
 Popup Notification
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