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Why should you buy from Infiltration Systems? If you have not checked out any of our trial downloads yet, and are wondering what makes Infiltration Systems's software so popular - then here is a brief overview of why Infiltration Systems is successful at what it does.

Easy to Use

All of the software in the Infiltration Systems lineup is developed for all users in mind. From the beginning novice, to the experienced administrator - Infiltration Systems covers the bases with easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, extensive help documentation, and intuitive design.

Extensive Functionality and Features

Infiltration Systems takes pride in providing powerful software solutions that not only cover the basic requirements by its users - but go far and beyond. Our software titles have functionality and features unrivaled by similar products on the market.

Fast Acting Support

Infiltration Systems has a 24/7 ticket system that can be used at any time. All tickets are answered within 12-24 hours. Besides a highly efficient ticket system, we offer full, detailed product documentation and an online help system with frequently asked questions for all products in the Infiltration Systems lineup.

System Compatibility

All of our software is guaranteed and tested to work on the Windows 200x/XP platforms. As long as you are running Windows it will not matter what software you are using - all of our software will run properly on it.

Customer Feedback

We would be glad to take all the credit for the great features our software has, and praise our software earns us, but we cannot. We listen to our customers' feedback. Our customers provide us with the most valuable and critical feedback that we can get. Many new features come from suggestions from customers themselves, as well as product feedback and criticisms. Listening to our customers helps us develop a product exclusively for customers of all experience levels and backgrounds.

Affordable Pricing

Infiltration Systems takes pride in offering the most competitive prices for our products. While competitors charge twice as much for similar products with less features, we charge less for our software titles which have more functionality.


Infiltrator is a powerful network security suite that can scan your entire network for vulnerabilities, exploits, weak links, and audit each computer's individual security.

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