Infiltrator's Benefits for Home Users

Creates a Secure Computer Environment

Infiltrator's main benefit for home users is simple - it creates a secure usage environment for the user. You will no longer have to constantly worry about hacker's gaining access to your computer through common security holes. Infiltrator can detect trojan installations, suspicious port activity, insecure security policies, insecure file shares, and much more.

Audit, Fix, and Report Security Vulnerabilities

Most computers are setup with security holes and insecurities from the start - most of the time the user does not even know the holes exist. This is where Infiltrator can step in and help. Infiltrator can scan your computer for common security vulnerabilities - such as insecure registry settings, trojan and worm installations, open ports, weak password policies, and more. Infiltrator allows you to fix insecure registry settings in seconds - allowing you to create a secure environment in no time.

Besides the ability to audit and fix security holes, Infiltrator has built in report generators for users to take advantage of. Infiltrator's report generators can create customized, sleek and colorful scan reports suitable for presentations and overviews. Infiltrator allows the user to get an accurate inventory of your computer's security assessments and setups.

Stop Hackers by Thinking like a Hacker

Infiltrator uses the same scanning and hacking techniques that a hacker would use to footprint and attack your system. If you want to secure your computer from hackers, you have to think like one. By employing the same techniques used by would-be attackers you can secure your computer and rest easy.

Cost-Effective and Feature Packed

Unlike many other security scanners with many less features and clumsy interfaces, Infiltrator boasts a feature set rivaled by no one. While most of these other security scanners cost anywhere from $300 to thousands of dollars, Infiltrator is competitively, and affordably priced starting at $49.95 for home users. Infiltrator allows you to secure your computer with the greatest of ease, while providing an affordable price structure that any user can afford without breaking the bank.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Infiltrator is built with all users in mind. Infiltrator's graphical user interface sets a new standard for security scanners by presenting the user with intuitive icons and interface design allowing them to get started in seconds - with no learning curve. Infiltrator allows the user to protect their computer from threats in seconds - without the hassle of reading a help manual or getting confused. Infiltrator's home version is specially tailored for home users - allowing them to scan and audit their computer with the most minimal efforts.
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