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Identity Protection Security Suite


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How can Identity Protection Benefit You?

Identity Protection is an easy to use security suite that will protect your computer from hackers, remove spyware and adware, encrypt sensitive files, and protect your internet privacy.

Key Features

Spyware Scanning and Removal
Identity Protection can scan your computer for spyware/adware infections and promptly remove them - so you can rest assured no one is tracking your activities and sending them to a third party.

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Stop Spyware and Adware

Security Scanning and Auditing
Identity Protection can scan your computer for common security exploits, improper security settings, and other vulnerabilities to make sure your computer is secure from malicious users.

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Secure your Computer

Clear your Activity Histories
Identity Protection can clear your internet histories, cookies, email records, recent documents histories, and much more. You can now use your computer in total privacy.

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Cover your Computer Tracks

Secure Private Data and Files
Identity Protection can securely encrypt files so unwanted eyes will not be able to view the file, ever. Secured files can only be decrypted with the Identity Protection software.

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Protect Sensitive Data

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