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Interested in making real money from the Infiltration Systems product line? Infiltration Systems has a strong affiliate program with guaranteed payouts. Our resale program starts out by giving you 40% of each sale you make - and commission is increased based on your sales success!

The Affiliate Program: An Overview

Our affiliate program is powered by our e-commerce agent, Plimus . The program is purely web-based (for physical product reselling please contact Once you sign up under our affiliate program you can create links to our order pages, downloads, or websites. If someone purchases one of our products through your links (whether its a link to our site directly, an order page, or a trial download) then you will get your profit deposited instantly into your affiliate account. Payments are issued every month. The great thing about our affiliate program is that you can sign up and get started selling within minutes - no waiting is involved. Another great benefit is that if a customer visits your site, then visits our site and purchases directly from us - you still get your credit for referring the sale!

The Payouts and Profits

We designed our affiliate program to be a success with our customers and affiliates in mind. Customers get to be introduced to Infiltration Systems's award-winning product line, and in return, affiliates make great commission fees. Your sales commissions will start out at 40% and can grow up to as much as 50% depending on how many sales you generate! Depending on how much time you put into this program you can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month, to thousands (really!). Our success together depends if you are ready to make some good money!

1 Sale of Infiltrator per Day $78.38 or $26,608 per year
5 Sales of Infiltrator per Day $391.90 or $143,043 per year
10 Sales of Infiltrator per Day $783.80 or $286,087 per year!

How Do I Get Started??

Follow these easy steps to start selling our software today!

CLICK HERE to sign up now for our affiliate/reseller program.

2. EMAIL US your affiliate ID - we will add you to our program.

3. START SELLING! Login to your account and start using the customized purchase links to start selling our products!

Once signed up you will have the power to market any Spytech products with specific product links - which will allow you to be paid your commission for all sales from your link - even 2 months down the road! If customers see our products on your site, then download and purchase at the Infiltration Systems site - you still get your commission!

Signup TODAY and Start Making Money!



Infiltrator is a powerful network security suite that can scan your entire network for vulnerabilities, exploits, weak links, and audit each computer's individual security.

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